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We are among leaders in the AI consulting firms market. Our artificial intelligence consulting services help businesses adopt AI-driven solutions painlessly to achieve the desired results.
Data Strategy

Data Strategy

We build a data strategy that helps your business make reasonable decisions based on your data. It also assists you in keeping your data safe and compliant.

AI Infrastructure Setup

AI Infrastructure Setup

Our team sets up steady cloud-based infrastructures for deploying and running AI systems. It includes machine learning training hubs and big data storage.

ML Model Development

ML Model Development

One of the key factors in predicting future problems (cyber fraud, decreased customer loyalty) is developing a machine learning model. This process includes such steps as determination of business objective, design of a solution, creation of a model, evaluation of a model, deployment of a solution, and management of continuous improvement.

Key advantages to choose Hyperflowlabs

Big turnkey team

Our data scientists, engineers, and tech consultants have many years of experience in artificial intelligence consulting. They make sure that your project works successfully and smoothly.

Side by side with updates

We constantly make sure that our team has an up-to-date knowledge base by conducting internal training. It helps our employees apply the latest technology in AI consulting.

Individual approach

As an expert in the artificial intelligence consulting market, we offer companies unique business solutions based on the tasks set. Our experience and knowledge help us to take into account the specifics of each client, providing quality services. We use the latest tools and frameworks for AI solutions.

Machine algorithms

Our team develops machine learning algorithms that let clients make smart decisions. We use AI everywhere via cloud services to come up with intelligent solutions.

How we work

The workflow is built so that your business gets a high-quality result as quickly as possible.
Evaluation & Research

Our team reviews your business and requirements. Then, we do research and analyze the required data.

Proof of Concept

Testing a small-scale system and proving the viability of machine learning models for your business. It helps to prevent problems and unnecessary costs and in the next step.


We launch the machine learning system into production. Then our team shows you the final product.


We support your project and help to keep it at a high level. Our team makes sure that updates are introduced into the workflow on time.


We have collected the most popular questions about AI consulting.

What do our AI consultants do?

Our AI consultants solve complex business tasks using artificial Intelligence and analytic algorithms. They also manage an entire AI project. Moreover, AI experts design, build and deploy predictive and prescriptive models using statistical modeling and optimization.

How to integrate artificial intelligence solutions with your internal systems?

It’s not necessary to have AI experts in your staff for this task. Our AI consultants can integrate AI solutions with your internal systems and check all details. It is a long process that starts with getting familiar with your product and ends with the final setup of all processes.

What business problems can AI solve?

Artificial Intelligence can solve key business tasks. There are fighting cybercrime, implementation of data analysis, customer service ,take into account each client’s specifics and personalized experience for increased customer loyalty.
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