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We have high-quality expertise and considerable experience in blockchain consulting in a wide range of industries. Our team can help you with each step, starting from project ideation, to build the blockchain product.


We analyze the implementability of your blockchain project with our technical team. Then we identify aims and the working process for your system.



Our team examines your existing project and defines if it can be moved to blockchain or not. We define where blockchain can be applied to your use case.

Technical Component Definition

Technical Component Definition

As an experienced blockchain consultant company, we analyze different blockchain platforms, each of which has its advantages. Our team defines the best blockchain platform for your business based on the type of blockchain and requirements.

Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept

Our developers create a prototype in 1 month to define how we can use it for your business. We do it with minimum viable features for saving the budget and time. This approach allows you to understand what your final product will look like. Here we discuss with you whether everything suits you so that we can move on to creating a large-scale version.



Our technical consultants assist your company in identifying if blockchain technology can be integrated into your business environment and operations.



As a leading software development company, we build attractive front-end and secure back-end with the implementation of blockchain technology. We can also create different digital solutions based on the blockchain.

Key advantages of Hyperflowlabs


We are one of the trusted developers and consultants in the blockchain. Our clients have successful solutions from us that help them to reach their business goals. We make sure that you are satisfied with the final result. We desire the finished solution to meet your expectations. Therefore, we are extremely responsible when selecting a team for your project.

Timely completion

As a blockchain consultant, we understand how important it is for you to get the finished project on time. Therefore, before starting work, we discuss the timing with you. Our team carefully ensures that each stage of work on your project is completed on time. We value your time, so we implement our blockchain solutions on time and efficiently.

Dedicated team

We dedicate our high-quality professionals that have many years of experience and current knowledge. They can build smart contracts for your business that help perform secure, fast, and reliable transactions without mediators. Each team member clearly knows their responsibilities and timings, so all our specialists perform their work without delay and with high-quality results.


Our company signs a contract with you in which we fix the cost of our services. You can easily monitor budget utilization at each stage of our work. We care that your budget has been used efficiently and effectively with maximum efficiency to get the final product. Moreover, we show you intermediate results after each stage. Our company also holds scheduled meetings with your representatives to discuss the details of your project. This way, you are completely immersed in the process and know what is happening.

How do we work?

Our company strives to build long-term partnerships by providing quality services that meet modern market conditions. We work in several stages on your project with a desire to create something really incredible.

Our team identifies your workflow and aims to detect opportunities. To do this, our specialists send a list of items about your company that we need to know from you. It helps to understand all the crucial details of your business.


We start to do technical analysis to define the best blockchain solutions for your needs. We test each of our selected platforms to ensure that your product works best with a high level of security and demonstrates the desired result. We choose the platform for creating your product.


At this stage, we are actively involved in our work front-end developers, back-end developers, and UX/UI designers. Our professionals create designs and develop your high-quality solution. Then we integrate it into all your systems and do testing to check on possible bugs. Our company shows you the final product, which we launch after approval.


It is important for us that our blockchain solutions work reliably, safely, and efficiently, showing the desired result. We support your product with the blockchain and help to keep it at a high level. Our company cares that updates were carried out on time.


We prepare a few answers that may be helpful. We recommend that you read this information.

What is Blockchain Consulting, and what are its benefits?

It’s a wide range of services from our company that help businesses with blockchain solutions. We assist you with different issues, from providing you with a blockchain consultation over the feasibility of your idea with the blockchain technology up to selecting the ideal platform for your blockchain product development. With our solutions, you get timely and reliable information and are sure that your confidential blockchain records are available only to the network participants you choose.

What is the Blockchain Consulting Process in Hyperflowlabs?

We divide our process into several key stages. Our company identifies your workflow and aims. This is an extremely important step, as the final product must meet the stated goals. The clearer these points are formulated, the more effective the result will be. Next, our team examines your existing project, whether it is possible to implement a blockchain there, and in what place. We choose the platform for creating your product. After that, we build a prototype to define how we can use it for your business. After that, we develop the blockchain solution and integrate it into all your systems. We build our workflow so that your final product is developed on time. That's why our team includes professionals who are ready to make every effort and are passionate about creating an incredible blockchain solution.

How to hire the right Blockchain Consulting Firm?

You have to prepare questions for your potential companies. You have to find out about the experience of a firm, the size of the team, the cost model. Moreover, you should know in which industries and in what blockchain platforms the company works. You have to get information from the firm about its technology stacks and the number of implemented blockchain projects. Moreover, you can ask for a portfolio of the company and the contacts of their customers to check the quality of its projects. All this information should be structured so that it can be easily compared between data from several potential companies. This will help you make the best decision by choosing a reliable and leading partner for your project.

Which blockchain platform is right for my project?

We know that choosing the optimal platform is a complex and responsible process requiring appropriate knowledge and experience. Our team can choose a platform for your project that is perfect for your requirements and needs. We are interested in you being satisfied with the results you will see after implementing our blockchain solutions. Therefore, our choice of platform depends on such important factors as the functionality of a smart contract, consensus algorithm, required level of scalability, and type of blockchain app.

In what industries of business do we provide blockchain consulting?

We have extensive experience in providing quality blockchain consulting services. We help businesses from different directions to implement blockchain technologies in their projects. Our solutions promote the development of our customers, who achieve the desired financial results, increasing their market share. Our blockchain solutions are already successfully operating in such business areas as supply chain, lending, healthcare, government, media, etc. We can easily take on new projects because we are confident in the high quality of our work. So we will be happy to be your partner in changing your business.

How does business with blockchain consulting services work?

In fact, your business is significantly different before and after blockchain consulting. Because after the implementation of our high-tech solutions, your business can upload and store select information on a blockchain, where it exists as a joint database. And its records are easily validated and public, and they are also secured by cryptography. The data is available on the Internet because it is stored on millions of computers simultaneously. Our services help you reach a new level of business as your operations become more efficient and effective.
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